$8,500,000 Commercial Loan With Balloon Payment at 3 Years

Monthly payment and balloon payment for a $8,500,000 commercial loan after 3 years
Determine the monthly payment and balloon payment for a $8,500,000 loan where the loan balance is paid off after 3 years.
The amortization length is the amount of time that the payment is set to and the loan length is for the amount of time until the balloon payment is due. This is a common way that commercial and business loans are structured. Usually, the loan is refinanced when the balloon payment comes due.

For example, a $8,500,000 loan with 5% interest and amortization set to interest only would have a payment of 35,417/month. However, the loan the remaining balance of 8,500,000 would need to be paid off or refinanced after 3 years.
Payment and balloon payment chart for a $8,500,000 commercial loan with a 3 year loan term.
$8,500,000 at 4% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
5 Year Amortization156,5403,604,852
10 Year Amortization86,0586,295,968
15 Year Amortization62,8737,181,203
20 Year Amortization51,5087,615,142
25 Year Amortization44,8667,868,752
30 Year Amortization40,5808,032,392
35 Year Amortization37,6368,144,815
40 Year Amortization35,5258,225,420
$8,500,000 at 5% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
5 Year Amortization160,4053,656,266
10 Year Amortization90,1566,378,680
15 Year Amortization67,2177,267,613
20 Year Amortization56,0967,698,598
25 Year Amortization49,6907,946,855
30 Year Amortization45,6308,104,206
35 Year Amortization42,8988,210,056
40 Year Amortization40,9878,284,142
$8,500,000 at 6% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
5 Year Amortization164,3293,707,729
10 Year Amortization94,3676,459,737
15 Year Amortization71,7287,350,291
20 Year Amortization60,8977,776,348
25 Year Amortization54,7668,017,518
30 Year Amortization50,9628,167,146
35 Year Amortization48,4668,265,316
40 Year Amortization46,7688,332,107
$8,500,000 at 7% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
5 Year Amortization168,3103,759,225
10 Year Amortization98,6926,539,078
15 Year Amortization76,4007,429,192
20 Year Amortization65,9007,848,458
25 Year Amortization60,0768,081,018
30 Year Amortization56,5518,221,792
35 Year Amortization54,3038,311,552
40 Year Amortization52,8228,370,693
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