$40,000 Commercial Loan With Balloon Payment at 10 Years

Monthly payment and balloon payment for a 40k commercial loan after 10 years
Determine the monthly payment and balloon payment for a $40,000 loan where the loan balance is paid off after 10 years.
The amortization length is the amount of time that the payment is set to and the loan length is for the amount of time until the balloon payment is due. This is a common way that commercial and business loans are structured. Usually, the loan is refinanced when the balloon payment comes due.

For example, a 40k loan with 5% interest and amortization set to interest only would have a payment of 167/month. However, the loan the remaining balance of 40,000 would need to be paid off or refinanced after 10 years.
Payment and balloon payment chart for a 40k commercial loan with a 10 year loan term.
40k at 4% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
10 Year Amortization4050
15 Year Amortization29616,066
20 Year Amortization24223,941
25 Year Amortization21128,544
30 Year Amortization19131,514
35 Year Amortization17733,554
40 Year Amortization16735,017
40k at 5% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
10 Year Amortization4240
15 Year Amortization31616,762
20 Year Amortization26424,889
25 Year Amortization23429,570
30 Year Amortization21532,537
35 Year Amortization20234,533
40 Year Amortization19335,930
40k at 6% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
10 Year Amortization4440
15 Year Amortization33817,460
20 Year Amortization28725,813
25 Year Amortization25830,541
30 Year Amortization24033,474
35 Year Amortization22835,399
40 Year Amortization22036,708
40k at 7% Monthly Payment Balloon Payment
10 Year Amortization4640
15 Year Amortization36018,157
20 Year Amortization31026,709
25 Year Amortization28331,453
30 Year Amortization26634,325
35 Year Amortization25636,156
40 Year Amortization24937,362
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